Mechanical Locks Vs Electronic Locks

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    As technology keeps improving, more and more things start to evolve in terms of convenience and practicality.

    And one of these things your door locks that you use to open your doors at home and to start up your vehicles.

    And of the most trendy and popular technological advances when it comes to door locks is your electronic locks.

    These kinds of locks offer a whole lot more benefits and advantages when compared to mechanical locks.

    However, even if this may be the case, are electronic locks really the best fit for your needs?

    In this article, we will be discussing mechanical locks vs electronic locks and the different advantages both options have to offer.

    So if you are still torn between which of the two you should have installed for your homes, then allow us to help you decide and keep reading below.

    Door locks and everything you need to know about them

    When it comes to door locks, you are presented with two main options you can choose from – mechanical and electronic door locks.

    But before we get to discuss the different advantages and disadvantages of both options, let us first start by defining what these two exactly are.

    Mechanical locks are what are better known as your standard door lock.

    They are the kinds of locks that a lot of the older generation nowadays are more acquainted with.

    They are accessed and unlocked by means of using a key and they do not require electricity or power to be able to function.

    Aside from that, they also have a lot of different types in which you can choose from such as the following:

    • Mortise locks
    • Spring bolt locks
    • Deadbolt locks
    • Cylinder locks

    On the other hand, electrical locks are locks that do not use keys in order to have access to them.

    This means that these kinds of locks are keyless and uses a lot of different technology to lock and unlock your doors.

    Some of the most common types of electronic locks include the following:

    • Coded-entry type of locks
    • Smartphone-operated locks
    • Key card activated locks
    • Biometric locks

    Now, when it comes to its basic functions, both serve their purpose really well,

    There are just some advantages and disadvantages you need to consider before settling on one.

    After all, depending on your preferences, one may end up a whole lot better than the other.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Mechanical Locks


    • Reliable and tested over the years since the 1800s
    • Lasts longer without the need for a lot of maintenance services
    • Does not need external powers such as electricity to operate
    • A lot of individuals have the basic know-how regarding how they are used and how they function


    • Has not been upgraded and improved since the late 1800s
    • Can take a whole lot longer to unlock
    • Needs professional help in case of lock-related problems
    • Can easily be accessed if someone gets to steal your keys
    • Mechanical keys can easily be duplicated even without your permission

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Locks


    • Improved security as there are a lot of combinations you can choose as your lock code
    • Can easily change your lock’s password or access code
    • Can be operated easily even in the dark
    • Offers a lot of different features depending on your needs
    • Can be integrated with a lot of different devices such as surveillance cameras and intercoms


    • Needs electricity to keep functioning
    • You can lose the ability to open your doors in case of a power outage
    • Not a lot of people are familiar with operating these kinds of locks
    • Requires a lot of maintenance and care

    Choosing the best lock for your needs

    Both mechanical and electronic locks are good options as they both can serve their purpose really well.

    Although electronic locks have the technology to back them up, mechanical locks are not losing at all.

    In fact, a lot of individuals still prefer to use mechanical locks even after all these years.

    Maybe this is mostly because mechanical locks are what we are most used to using and they do not cost as much as your electronic locks.

    However, whichever you may end up choosing, just make sure that you have accounted for the different disadvantages and drawbacks that come along with it.

    If you are still not settled with regards to which type of lock you should settle with, then you can call our team and we will help you make the decision.

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