7 Key Reasons Why Your Car Key Isn’t Working

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    Car keys have come a long way from the traditional metallic keys to advanced keyless entry systems. Regardless of the advancements, they aren’t immune to problems. Here’s a table with seven common reasons your car key might not be working:

    Reason Description
    Battery Drain Your key fob battery might be dead or weak, causing it to malfunction.
    Key Fob Damage Physical damage can render your key fob inoperable.
    Internal Wear & Tear Over time, internal components of the key may wear out or break.
    Outdated Key Coding If your key’s coding doesn’t match your car’s, it won’t work.
    Faulty Ignition Cylinder If the key is working but the car doesn’t start, the problem may lie with the ignition cylinder.
    Transponder Chip Issues The transponder chip inside the key can sometimes fail.
    Inaccurate Key Cut If your key has been cut inaccurately, it won’t work.

    Why Choose Us?

    At Milton Locksmith Pro, we excel at addressing all these issues. We provide a range of locksmith services that encompass key duplication, key fob programming, lock change service, and much more. We are also equipped to handle emergency situations like house lockouts and business lockouts. With us, you’ll experience prompt, professional, and reliable service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I fix a non-working key myself?

    In certain scenarios, you may be able to fix the key yourself. For instance, if the problem is a dead battery, you can replace it. However, in cases involving internal damage, key coding issues, or transponder chip failure, it’s best to contact professionals.

    2. How often should car keys be replaced?

    There isn’t a standard time frame to replace car keys. However, noticing the early signs of wear and tear or functional issues can help avoid emergencies. Check out this informative post on when to replace keys.

    3. What can I do if my key is stuck in the ignition?

    Attempting to forcibly remove the key might cause further damage. Reach out to professional locksmiths, like us, for quick and efficient lockout service.

    4. Do all locksmiths provide car key services?

    No, not all locksmiths provide car key services. Therefore, it’s important to inquire before you hire. At Milton Locksmith Pro, we provide a wide array of key services, including car key repair and replacement.


    A non-working car key can cause a significant disruption in your day. It’s essential to identify the root cause and rectify it promptly to prevent further complications. Whether it’s a drained battery, physical damage, outdated key coding, faulty ignition cylinder, transponder chip issues, or an inaccurate key cut, Milton Locksmith Pro is equipped to help. Contact us today for reliable and professional car key solutions.

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