Security Issues in Old Properties and Solutions for Modern Times

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    Old properties often come with their unique charm and nostalgia. However, they also frequently possess several security issues due to outdated systems, wear and tear, and neglect over the years. This blog post aims to highlight these issues, provide potential solutions, and show how you can ensure your property’s safety despite its age.

    Age-Related Security Concerns in Older Buildings

    Old properties may face numerous security problems, from weak doors and windows to outdated locks and lack of modern security systems. The table below presents these concerns in more detail.

    Security Issues Details
    Outdated Locks Many old properties come with original lock systems, which can be weak and easy to bypass.
    Weak Doors and Windows Doors and windows may have deteriorated over time, making them easy entry points for burglars.
    Absence of Modern Security Systems Older properties might not have modern security measures like security cameras or alarm systems in place.
    Old Electrical Systems Wiring can be faulty, posing fire hazards and making it difficult to install modern security systems.
    Poor Lighting Dim or non-existent outdoor lighting can make it easy for trespassers to approach unnoticed.

    Are High-Security Locks Worth It?

    With outdated locks posing such a significant threat, many property owners wonder, are high-security locks worth it? The answer is a resounding yes. High-security locks often feature complex key designs and sturdy materials, making them more difficult to pick, drill, or bump open.

    Services We Offer

    To counteract these security problems, our company offers a wide range of services. We provide lock change services, high-security locks installation, door and window reinforcement, security system installation, electrical system updates, and outdoor lighting solutions.

    Why Choose Us?

    When it comes to your property’s security, you want to trust the best. Our team comprises trained and experienced professionals who use the latest techniques and equipment. Our commitment to quality, coupled with a deep understanding of the unique challenges old properties present, make us your ideal choice for all security issues.


    1. How often should I rekey the locks in my old property?

    You should consider rekeying your locks whenever you move into a new property, lose your keys, or have a break-in. It’s also advisable to rekey if the existing locks are outdated or if multiple people have had access to the keys over the years.

    2. How can I ensure my windows and doors are secure?

    Proper door security involves more than just sturdy locks. You might also need to reinforce your doors with security plates and install window security film. You can read more about proper door security from trained locksmiths.

    3. Should I replace or repair my old key fob?

    If your old key fob is acting up, you might need to consider either repairing or replacing your key fob. Often, it’s more cost-effective to replace it. You can get a new one programmed by our professional locksmiths.

    4. How can I prevent losing my keys?

    Losing keys is a common issue, but there are several measures you can take to avoid this hassle. Implement strategies such as designating a specific spot for your keys, using a key rack, or attaching them to a large, colorful keychain. For more tips, check out this guide on the best ways not to lose your keys.


    Old properties are appealing and have a unique allure, but they also come with unique security concerns. Fortunately, with the right expertise and assistance, you can ensure that your property, irrespective of its age, is safe and secure. Whether it’s high-security locks, modern security systems, or robust doors and windows, we have the solution.

    We’ve addressed some common questions and concerns about security issues in old properties, but if you have any more queries or if you’d like to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us. Remember, your property’s security is our top priority. So don’t wait, reach out today!

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