Tips To Avoid Losing Your Car Keys

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    Most people rely on their car whenever they travel or need to go somewhere.

    Especially when you need to arrive early, driving your car lets you manage your time well.

    However, if you lose your car key, you’ll be less likely to get to where you need to be on time.

    In this article, we will give you expert tips to avoid losing your car keys.

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    Get an extra key

    Duplicating your car key is the most common solution to avoid losing a car key.

    When you have a spare key, you’ll have a backup plan in case you lost your original copy.

    That way, you won’t need to feel frustrated and embarrassed that you’re locked out of your car.

    You don’t need to worry about looking for your lost key, especially if you’re in a hurry.

    You can just look for your extra car key and leave.

    When you get a key duplicate, keep it somewhere safe.

    You can also give it to your trusted neighbor or family member, so they can respond to you when you’re locked out.

    Bind Your Keys to Something Important

    A key is a small tool that people often misplace or forget to bring with them.

    For this reason, binding your key to an essential item can aid you from losing your car key.

    You can keep it with your purse, wallet, ID, or large key chain that you never leave home without.

    It’ll also be much easier to find your car key if you bind it to something big, like a key ring.

    Put Your Car Keys In The Same Place

    Many car owners often misplace their keys because they don’t have a designated place for their valuables.

    Re-organizing your home and looking for a safe place in which you can always put your keys can help you avoid misplacing them.

    As long as you regularly put your keys in one spot, you’ll develop it as a habit and you’ll less likely lose your car key.

    Add Glow In The Dark Stickers

    If you lose your car key in the dark, you’ll most likely struggle to find them.

    Not if you make your car keys glow in the dark.

    That way, even if you have inadequate lighting, your car key will stand out in the dark, and you can easily find them.

    Purchase A Bluetooth Locator

    A Bluetooth locator can help you prevent losing your key and locate it when you’ve already lost your key.

    All you need to do is to bind this locator to your car keys and connect it to your phone.

    Then, you can easily track your item in case you cannot find it.

    Even if your car keys fell in the hands of a burglar or criminal, the authorities can easily locate them with a Bluetooth locator.

    Always check your pockets

    If you’re used to keeping your car keys in the pockets of your pants or bags, always check that you don’t have any holes in them.

    If you have holed pockets, there’s a higher chance that your keys might slip out of them.

    Burglars can also effortlessly acquire your valuables if your bag or pockets are not secured.

    They can skillfully and easily grab your keys without having you notice.

    To prevent this from happening, always check your belongings before you leave.

    Instead of putting your car keys in an open pocket, use one with zippers to lower the risk of pick-pocketing.


    Losing a car key is indeed a frustrating and unfortunate event.

    However, if you follow our tips to avoid losing your car keys, you may not experience getting locked out of your car.

    If you do lose your key, though, contact Milton Locksmith Pro for a quick car lockout service, rekeying, and key replacement.

    Our professional locksmiths in Milton have the expertise to make your new car keys, even without the original one.

    We also have residential and commercial locksmith services for homeowners and business owners in Milton.

    Call us now for an immediate response!

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