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    Almost all of the house owners have an experience wherein they are locked out in their own respective houses. Sometimes out of the blue, you suddenly locked your main door even if you knew that you were not having any door keys during that moment. Unexplainable situations such as these sometimes happen.

    Yes, it really is weird but that’s how it goes. Accidents happen all the time.

    How about being in a situation wherein you lost the keys to your house? Moreover, the spare keys are also inside the house leaving you stuck outside of your home.

    I can definitely feel that agony of yours because it happened to almost all of us. When this situation arises, you can easily call for a friend, a family or anyone that you know to seek for help and ease your agony.

    The mean solution for this is to check if the spare key is still hidden in a secret hiding place, if there is any. Next thing is to check the other doors because sometimes we tend to forget to lock the alternative doors of our respective houses.

    Praying that it is open, if it is also locked, then check if there are any windows that are open? Or anything that can let you get inside your house. If these alternatives fail you, try to improvise but normally this doesn’t work especially if you are having a good type of door locks and the locks are carefully installed by a professional locksmith.

    If the alternative still fails you, the last resort is to bust your way or force your way open. But don’t you ever do that! It’ll make your problems worse. Word of advice is locksmith. You call us!

    Why does it have to be us?

    Simple, we are the most reliable locksmiths company in Milton. Milton Locksmith Pro provides the highest form of locks services such as locks installation, security installation, locks repairs and maintenance; car keys services, safe installation, safe repairs and maintenance; and all other sorts of lock related services.

    How about the house insurance?

    There are some homeowner’s insurance policies that are offering home lockout services. The only problem with this is that it may take you some time before you can get rescued. You will also be forced to pay the deductibles first before they will take action.

    Worst case scenario is that they operate during the office hours. Some are having 24 hour service operators but then again it will take you quite some time before they will give you the solution that you needed.

    It’s a good thing that you’re still reading the article. This is where we give you some tips on how you can enter your house if a lockout situation happens to you.

    Bonus Tip

    First is to check if the deadbolt is unlocked. Normally when you accidentally leave the keys inside your house, then only the door handle is locked. If this happens then you’re in luck. You can remove the doorknob.

    There is this pin-sized opening beneath or on the side of every door knob.

    Second is to get a piece of metal like a bobby pin or sim ejector pin, paperclip may also work. Slowly insert the piece of metal into the opening and apply gentle pressure into it.

    Third is to twist the doorknob using your other hand while you continue to apply pressure on that opening using the piece of metal. Do this simultaneously until you successfully remove your doorknob.

    Lastly is to carefully remove the decorative plates to expose the lock mechanism or the lockset. Use a screwdriver or you can still use that piece of metal to pull back in the locking system of your doorknob.

    How to get away with a house lockout situation?

    Calling us is the best solution. Our 24 hour service operator will give you a solution and will also be giving you quotations for you to choose from.

    Using a keyless entry can help you out. This is by upgrading your traditional door lock into a high security and advanced locking system. This includes a code type entry, a fingerprint entry and sometimes iris scan entry. It will be costly but it is definitely worth it. We also have an auto locksmith services and a commercial locksmith services.

    Milton Locksmith Pro can also do that type of security for you. So go ahead and give us a call!

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